Get Featured in 72hrs!


 What happens after signing up?

After Signing Up: You'll be sent a short questionnaire and can have your story published in FOX 34, CBS 16 & NBC 21 right away or schedule it for a future date.


What are the exact websites my story will be published in?

Your story will be published in the following online news websites: FOX 34, CBS 16 and NBC 21.


Who is this beneficial for?

This is for entrepreneurs looking to grow their online credibility, speakers looking to land more virtual speaking gigs, coaches looking to start charging more for their services, course creators looking for more students, real estate professionals looking to be seen as an authority and more. This PR package is for anyone looking to grow their presence and authority online in 2020.


 Will the stories be published in news sites that are in my city?

Not necessarily. The outlets we publish in are FOX 34, CBS 16 and NBC 21. Our goal with this offer isn't to get you local press. It's to get your story published in outlets nationwide and to explode your credibility with having been featured in FOX, CBS and NBC.


Why should I do this?

You'll forever have the coveted "as featured in FOX, CBS, NBC" behind your brand. This will help you land more speaking gigs, close more deals and explode your online credibility.

 What if I need my article published in the future instead of right away?

That's not a problem at all. When submitting your interview, you have the choose between "immediate publishing" and scheduling the story to be published on a future date of your choice.


Do I have to live in the United States?

No! We have clients from all around the world. This international recognition can be a great addition to your marketing efforts.


Are you a journalist for FOX, CBS or NBC?

I am not a journalist and I do not work for FOX, CBS, or NBC. I run a PR agency with publishing access on a number of news sites within the FOX, CBS, NBC network.


 Can I put "as seen on" in my social media and marketing materials?

Absolutely! You'll officially have been featured in FOX, CBS and NBC which means you can let everyone know you've been featured. This is a great benefit in the area of marketing and social proof.


Do I really get a refund if I don't get published in 24 hours?

Absolutely! After signing up, you'll be sent a link to your interview questionnaire. Our 24 hour deadline starts after you submit that along with your photo. This goes without saying, but if you select to schedule your story to be published on a future date, the 24 hour deadline obviously doesn't apply.

Additionally, after signing up, you'll have the option to add a special bonus to your package. The optional bonus is nonrefundable and 24 hour delivery does not apply for the bonus.


What happens after I pay?

After you pay, you can start your written interview questionnaire and submit a photo for your articles. Once submitted, your interview will be published on


FOX 34, CBS 16 and NBC 21.


Will the stories be published on websites, magazines or newspapers?

We do not work with magazines or newspapers, just online news sites.


 How many articles will I receive?

You'll be completing just one exclusive interview. The same story will be published on all 3 outlets.

 Will I be published on the main website of FOX, CBS and NBC?

You won't be published on the main websites like NBC.com as those are typically reserved for national headlines. However, we're connected with countless news sites in the FOX, CBS, NBC network like FOX 54 or NBC 3.

Will I get lots of sales from my article?

Each story we publish will get organic traffic but we cannot guarantee sales. The best thing you can do is leverage your published story on social media and use the added credibility to make more sales, land more gigs, etc.


How long does it take?

When completing your interview, you will have the ability to select "immediate publishing" or choose a date for us to publish your story.


If you choose "immediate publishing" we will have your story published and links delivered to your email in 24 hours or less. If this falls on a weekend, you will receive everything no later than Monday.